How do I use your tint, I didn't get instructions? 

Please see all instructions for tint on the product page here , or download here

What are those white applicators and where do I get them?

These are our brow tinting applicators. They come with each of our brow tints inside the box. These can be sterilized carefully and reused until the tint runs out.

My tint won't work, what am I doing wrong? 

Melanie Marris has released a Virtual Masterclass Series in which you can learn her secrets to create the perfect brow. Please find out more information on: www.melaniemarriseyebrowstylist.com


Do you have to be a professional to use Brow Code wax and tint?

Yes, you must be a professional aesthetician/beauty therapist, makeup artist, work in the beauty field, or be a salon professional.

I am clicking on shop and it won't let me buy the tint or wax?

If you are not logged in or approved as a PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNT, you will not be able to view the professional products.

How do I create an account and get approved? 

Please fill out your details under 'For Professionals' in order to register.

What do I do after I have followed the instructions to create an account? I still can't shop?

Professional access is restricted and protected for professional make-up artists and salon professionals only. After you apply for an account it can take up to 48 hours for your account to bet approved.

I have received my email and I have tried to shop but it won't let me into see the wax and tint? 

You need to log in when you enter the website. Once you are approved and activated for wholesale privileges please log in using your username and password. You are now part of the Brow Code fam! You are now able to shop Brow Code professional.

To shop using your wholesale privileges you must be logged in. Once logged in you will receive special pricing as well as access to all professional stock.

I haven't heard back and it has been 1 week? 

We apologise if you have not heard back within our 48 hour time frame. Please email shop@browcode.com subject LOST REGISTRATION and this will be looked at right away for you. 


Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, however we do not control shipping rates in house – these are standard rates. Click here for more shipping information.


Do you have any Distributers? 

Yes, we will soon have a global distribution for Brow Code, however countries with current distributers are:

When will you have Distribution or Cheaper shipping in my country? 

We hope to have global distribution in place by Feb 2020. Stay tuned!

How do I become a Distributor?

Please email shop@browcode.com and title your email with 'BROW CODE DISTRIBUTION'

How do I become a Stockist?

Please email shop@browcode.com and title your email with 'STOCKIST INFORMATION'


I am trying to use the wax but it won't melt properly? 

Our wax is evenly heated sitting between 3-4 on a standard 1L beauty wax pot e.g. Beauty Pro. All pots vary however it must be a honey like consistency with a smooth application. If it is not, it needs to be turned up.


Brow Code x Indus Valley Henna

How do I use Indus Valley Brow Code Henna?

Please view the product description here or download our instruction leaflet here

Is this available worldwide?


Does the Henna last longer than the brow tint?

Yes, however - We always recommend offering both treatments in your brow studio or salon as the client may have a preference or find one or the other better and longer lasting. Everyone's skin is different.

Henna Vs Brow Tint:

Some people can be allergic to either product so we always recommend stocking both and giving your client the options to try both and work out what they prefer. Price point and time: Henna takes longer to perform but lasts slightly longer on the skin

If I am a distributer can I purchase this on the launch?

YES! Please email shop@browcode.com to apply for distribution

Indus Valley Henna Tips from Melanie:

  • Indus Valley Brow Code Henna comes in 5 ready to mix shades in capsule form. You are able to mix all shades together to create your very own variations to suit your clients desired colour.
  • Brow Henna was created to stain the hair for up to 4-6 weeks. It also comes with an added bonus that it can stain the skin for anywhere between 7-12 days.
  • Mix the henna paste 5-10 minutes PRIOR to use. This will prepare the formula for a smooth application. This also helps to ensure the green to yellow glow is not as prominent whilst the product is developing.
  • For clean and flawless results; wax using Brow Code Design and Define hot wax, tweeze or thread prior to application. Ensure application is strictly inside the desired shape if hair has been removed.
  • There is enough capsules to perform 300 sets of Brow Code brows - However you will need to re stock your Rose Water and scrub depending on how much of this product you use.
  • Ensure the brow area has been thoroughly cleanses and scrubbed prior to henna application. This will assist with a longer lasting stain on the skin.
  • Keep the brow area dry and free of any products for 24 hours after the Brow Code henna application to ensure you get the best possible stain
  • All patch tests must be performed 48 hours prior to henna application. Use one of the darker colours when performing this test patch.
  • To achieve an even longer stain on the skin, you can also ask your client to gently scrub the brow the night before their henna treatment. Once the dead skin cells are removed, the henna will stick and stain longer to the new ones.
  • There must be no sunless tan/self tanners used on the skin prior to Brow Henna application. This will turn the henna a green or yellow shade
  • If your Henna dries fast during the application, you can use a mister to moisten up the area for a easier removal. When you go to remove the product, ensure your cotton pad is very moist. Let this sit on the skin for a few minutes to loosen the henna.
  • For a flawless and even application first outline the brow shape with henna. Make sure there are no ridges as this will result in an uneven result.
  • The consistency is one of the most important factors of Henna application; The paste should not be too thick as it will result in a patchy, uneven stain. Add small amounts of Rose Water as you need to ensure your mixture remains even and smooth. The Henna should glide off the brush and be soft and easy to apply.
  • What are the circle/spheres in the formula? It is hard to mix?? These spheric grains a key component to our unique Henna formula which is approved and compliant to the highest standards in EU and AU. These grains should almost completely be broken by the time you go to apply. You can also break them up by pressing on them with your brush to disperse the ingredients into the formula.
  • Take your time to perform a very even, precise application. You can try layering 2-3 times for 10-15 minutes or one application for 20-25 minutes and see which gives you the deepest results. When layering - You must wait for this to completely dry before adding your new layer and then wait until all 3 layers are dried together prior to removing.


What is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is designed to straighten the brow hair resulting in an instantly full and fluffy brow. The process essentially involves straightening eyebrow hairs using a Brow Code's unique step by step Brow Lamination treatment, so that all hairs stand in the desired direction. This treatment has INSANE results teamed with our Brow Tint or Brow Henna.

Will we be providing training?

YES! We will have training available for Brow Lamination - Stay tuned to all social media forums for any updates!! Please see product instructions below:

Read all Instructions & Important Information below before starting treatment.

1. Apply Brow Code Lustre Step 1 - Brow Perming Solution to one brow at a time. Take care to keep solution to hair area only. Cover brows with cling wrap to ensure the hairs are fixed in an upright position. See TIMING & HAIR TYPE GUIDE below for how long to leave Step 1 on the brows.

2. After leaving Step 1 on for your desired time, remove the cling wrap and add Step 2 - Brow Fixing Solution to both brows together. Cover again using your cling wrap again to fix the hairs into place. 

3. After leaving Step 2 on for your desired time, remove cling wrap & apply Brow Code Tint (or colour deposit) using the Brow Code 122 Brush for application of colour. 

4. After waiting the desired time, apply Step 3 - Brow Keratin Nourish to both brows. Use a generous amount to ensure this is applied to the hair and skin. 

5. Retail the Brow Code Brow Gold Oil to your client and instruct them to nourish the hair and skin daily.

Step 1: 5-8 minutes. No longer than 9 minutes.
Step 2: 5-8 minutes.
Step 3: Client to remove after 2 hours and apply Brow Gold.

Thin or Fine Brow Hairs: 4 - 5  Minutes 
Medium or Normal Brow Hairs: 5 - 7  Minutes
Coarse of Stubborn Hairs: 7 - 10  Minutes


  • Tint and other colour deposit techniques develop much faster after lamination due to porous hair. We therefore advise to reduce your timings and watch the development of the colour closely.
  • Brow Lamination must always be performed before waxing, threading or plucking treatments. IF performing this service after to tidy brows - You must completely avoid getting ANY solution on the area to be waxed.
  • Do not apply scrubs to the eyebrow area before lamination.
  • Never use the same brush to apply Step 1 and Step 2. You must use two disposable brushes for both steps.
  • In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately with distilled water.

Step 1 
When the Brow Perming Solution is applied, the chemical process breaks down the bonds within each hair, allowing them to morph and move into a new shape.
Step 2 
When the Brow Fixing Solution is applied, the hair bond remodels into the new shape.
Step 3 
The Brow Keratin is applied at the end of the treatment to restore moisture back into the brows and skin. 

NOTE: The new brow design and shape takes up to 48 hours for the bonds to lock into place and cure, which is why it is important to emphasise that the client follows the correct aftercare for 48 hours post-treatment.

Will you have student kits?

Yes, we have many collages which we will be providing Lamination Kits to, this will be available on the website upon launch.

So, when are we launching Brow Lamination?

Our Brow Lamination will be launching VERY soon... We are working hard to get this to our Brow Code Fam ASAP! Our scheduled date at this stage for Pre-sale is Nov 18th with shipping from the first week of December.


Does Melanie teach her brow styling skills? 

To update your training skills or to learn a new technique, please head to this link.

Melanie has launched a Virtual Masterclass for her in demand MM Technique. You will see an in depth version of how to achieve her amazing results using Brow Code.


How to I get Brow Code Merch for my salon?

You will automatically receive this via your email 3 days after purchasing professional product. Please email shop@browcode.com if you do not receive this email AND you have checked your junk/spam folders 4 days after your initial purchase.


We at Brow Code HQ are here to help and assist you with any inquiries you have! It is our pleasure to provide you with this quality brand. Please email our friendly team anytime!







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